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A Billion Smiles

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-Houston socialite launches foundation to "Pay it Forward"-

HOUSTON, TX - Houston businessman and socialite, David Anderson III, will launch foundation, A Billion Smiles, during an exclusive party. Anderson, who is co-founder of 20.10 Media, LLC, will introduce the foundation on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at Mo's (1801 Post Oak Blvd., Houston, TX 77056) from 7 to 10 pm.

The mission of A Billion Smiles' is to get 1 billion people to smile through charitable giving, acts of kindness and "Paying it Forward". The goal of the foundation in the first year is to raise money for organizations that do research for cancer, Alzheimer/dementia, mental health and fight alcohol & drug abuse. Anderson said "If we can better the lives of people affected by any of these causes we are bringing smiles to them and the people that love them, My purpose in life is to make people smile."

Anderson decided to create the foundation after losing someone close to him last year. Anderson said he not only needed a smile during this time in his life, but he would give anything just to see his friend smile again. Since the age of 16 years old Anderson has created great parties and events for not only celebrities like Beyonce', Common, Lebron James, and Sean "Puffy" Combs, but politicians, athletes, brands like Red Bull, Bacardi and many more. Anderson said "I realized I throw parties for the pleasure and fulfillment of moving people to enjoying themselves and SMILE! WOW, my aha moment! What a gift from God!"

Anderson said his personal goal of the foundation is not only to raise money through the grand events for the various organizations but to turn every frown upside down, perhaps raise 1 billion SMILES in hopes that some way the 1 billion SMILES could bring him the one smile he lost.

Research shows there is nothing more rewarding than a SMILE. "In a study conducted in the UK (using an electromagnetic brain scan machine and heart-rate monitor to create "mood-boosting values" for various stimuli), British researchers found that one SMILE can provide the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars; they also found that smiling can be as stimulating as receiving up to 16,000 Pounds Sterling in cash. That's 25 grand a smile... it's not 400 daily smiles quite a few children out there feel like Mark Zuckerberg every day!"

For tickets to the event and learn more about A Billion Smiles and David Anderson, III please visit



You can help turn a frown into a smile. Help save a live today!

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