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Chester Pitts Opens Carson Parke for Children with Serious to Severe Emotional and Behavioral Proble


-Original Texan Chester M. Pitts II builds Carson Parke to Nurture, Protect and Transform-

UPDATE - Mayor Sylvester Turner, Congressman Sheila Jackson-Lee, the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, Houston celebrities, Chester Pitts and family will be in attendance and are scheduled to speak during the ceremony.

Houston, TX - Original Texan Chester M. Pitts II and wife LaToya Pitts create Carson Parke, a state-of-the-art Residential Treatment Center, for children with serious to severe emotional and behavioral problems, in addition to victims of human trafficking. The Pitts' will celebrate the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony with nearly 100 people including their family, friends, community leaders, the City of Houston and the State of Texas political officials on

Thursday, May 3, 2018 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, with the program beginning at 3 pm at Carson Parke located at 262 North Sam Houston Pkwy East | Houston, TX 77060.

Chester M. Pitts, II is known for breaking through barriers. From becoming a teenage father, to being drafted into the NFL by the Houston Texans after having never played football until college. He understands what it means to fight for a better life and understands how life can turn out when you have someone that believes in you. The name Carson Parke was adopted from Chester's hometown Carson, California where Chester was born and raised. Chester dealt with tough environments growing up but was blessed with supportive family and teachers that encouraged him to overcome any circumstance. Chester and LaToya have invested nearly $4 million dollars to create Carson Parke with the single goal of transforming as many lives as they can. "The Foster care system as we know it today has come up short. Children who come through the system don't have a foundation or solid footing and are set up for failure. I want these children to have a legitimate and fair shot to be contributing members in our society. We wanted to do more than just write a check! My wife and I decided to pull up our boot straps and directly improve the lives of these children," said Chester Pitts.

The 70,000 sq. foot Carson Parke is a beautifully secured facility where the overall environment is to keep kids safe. The Pitts' have partnered with some of the best professionals in the business to ensure that the children that come to live at Carson Parke will receive the highest quality of care. The doors officially open in mid-May to these amazing kids seeking help. The first phase (one floor) of Carson Parke will be 90 beds for females between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, which the state says are the least likely to be adopted. The 17,000 sq. foot facility has 2 Sensory Rooms, a library beautifully furnished and supplied with 1,000 brand new books and 24 Chromebook tablets giving by the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation, 1 Computer Lab, 2 Study areas for the girls to do homework, 3 common/living areas that will provide a nurturing home-like environment and an Arts and Craft room for the children to find their inner creative genius. Carson Parke has 75 employees including an experienced Program Director, Clinical Director, Residential Counselors, Residential Supervisors, Licensed Childcare Administrator, Professional Level Service Provider, 24-hour Nursing staff, Interns, Maintenance and Cleaning-staff.

According to the Texas Tribune "The state, the agency is facing a crisis when it comes to finding beds for kids, both when they're most susceptible to becoming trafficking victims and after they've escaped the hands of pimps. Texas relies on private contractors to build and run treatment facilities for kids - and pays very little money." The Tribune also goes on to state the average cost of housing costs has increased tremendously and in the last year and a half, Texas lost more than 300 beds and the state is scrambling to replace them. As a result kids in the state's care are routinely stuck in psychiatric hospitals or sleep on cots in their caseworkers' offices. Some are even forced to overstay their sentences in juvenile detention - State officials say they're trying to find better solutions, both for vulnerable kids in the state's long-term foster care system. Carson Parke will be the solution.

For more information about Carson Parke please visit

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