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Vincent Country "Safe Zone" Community Day


-NFL Legend Hosts Community "Safe Zone" Day Driven by Faith and Family-

DALLAS, TX - Faith, family and food is the essence of our communities and narrative to our cultural story. Reminiscent of days in nana's kitchen and innocence wrapped in the love of one of her hugs. Vincent Country, embodies the core of family, God first and "back to the table."

Established by NFL Legend Troy Vincent and his wife Tommi, Vincent Country is dedicated to the mantra "Faith Plus Action Equals Results." Vincent Country kicks off in Dallas during the week of the NFL Draft. The fun-filled youth inspired "Safe Zone" Activity Day is set for April 24, 2018 from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. at St. Philips School & Community Center located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75215.

As a child growing up, Tommi's neighborhood mirrored that of one of the communities they serve. However, she always found sanctuary in her nana's kitchen. As such, Vincent Country provides a safe haven for children living in underserved areas. The kids will enjoy an evening of fun, food, and sport activities led by athletes. Participants will also experience training sessions with the Powerhandz Pop-Up Defender and a dessert masterclass with Chef Tommi V. Additionally Troy Vincent will lead discussions on the 3P's: Plan, Prepare, and Pursue.

"At the core of our family is faith and food, we are looking forward to sharing both through Vincent Country," says Tommi Vincent, the family matriarch also known as Chef Tommi V. "Food brings people together, bonds families and friends; serving others inspires dreams and fosters hope. This is the heart of the Vincent Country journey."

Vincent Country was birthed out of the lifestyle the Vincent's created while "globetrotting" during the span of Troy's professional football experience.Charged with ensuring the children adapted and developed academically and socially while remaining kindred spirits and one with her husband, Tommi, created an environment for her family to grow, uplift and become a product in society not a product of society.

"She is the reason I am who I am today," says Troy. Vincent Country symbolizes their combined accomplishments and efforts starting in their home with their children Desiré, Troy Jr., Taron, Hadassah and Tanner. The entire family reflects the values of Vincent Country and has built a legacy of community development through their nonprofit, Love Thy Neighbor Community Development and Opportunity Corporation, whose goal is to grow community development one person at a time.

To register for the Vincent Country "Safe Zone" Community Day, please email For more information, please follow Vincent Country on IG and Twitter at @vincentcountry, Tommi at @cheftommiv and Troy at @troyvincent23.


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