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A Shopper's Guide to Dating Book Launch


Official Book Launch - Hosted by Jillian "JJ" Simmons

HOUSTON, TX - It's a new year and everyone wants to find love, but how one looks for love will determine if it is lasting love. A Shopper's Guide to Dating by author Jacqui Goudeau will help Houston singles and singles across the country make a more conscious decision in finding the right mate. The book will be released on Amazon later this month and a book launch scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2016 at Dao Chloe Dao (6127 Kirby) from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. Hosted by television and radio personality Jillian "JJ" Simmons.

Shoppers will receive 15% off ALL regular priced items and proceeds will benefit I'm Me Foundation,

In "A Shopper's Guide to Dating," Jacqui compares dating to shopping. She says, "if you have a habit of only looking for a deal, or if you spend time thinking that cost alone means quality - that does not work in relationships. You may find that sometimes the price ends up being more than you bargained for or the basic quality for a 'deal' is lacking."

In a recent study by Nerd Wallet, Houston came in at number 7 among the top 10 cities for single women to find love. So, for singles desperate for a Valentine's date... there is hope. The study states that, in Houston, there are 115 unmarried men for every 100 unmarried women. Houston's low cost of living, and a low unemployment rate make a "great city for single women." In the book Jacqui says," We have heard for the longest that it is best not to go shopping hungry because you are subject to overspend. The same applies with dating. Desperation can show up if you are too needy. The worst thing to do is to go shopping RIGHT when you want a need met."

The author focuses on several things that will help singles find that special person:

  • Making a Shopping List - Jacqui says "There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want." So make a complete list of everything you would like in a mate

  • The Fitting Room - Jacqui says "Time in the fitting room will help you know if a relationship is really right for you. Sometimes we skip this step and realize that what we get home looks better on the dummy."

  • Alterations - Jacqui says "Don't spend a lot of time trying to change someone, but be open to change, if it can make a difference in the relationship.

Those interested in attending the book launch and getting their copy of "A Shopper's Guide to Dating," can purchase tickets at

About the Jacqui Goudeau - Jacqui Hill Goudeau is an author, speaker, and blogger with a 30 year professional journey that spans a wide spectrum from Radio announcing, Talk shows, to Prison, Children and Adult's Ministry. Friends consider her the ultimate storyteller. Her writings, to date, include Embarrassing Faith," "Getting the Lumps Out of Blended Families," "Goudeau Gumbo for the Soul," a collection of poetry, "and "Departed Friends, Good Grief," which addresses the issue of loss. Jacqui writes from her soul, making her books all-inclusive and easy reads for men and women, Christian and Non-Christian alike. When you read her books, you immediately get a sense of wisdom that continues to be cultivated through life experiences, and most importantly, her intimate relationship with God. Just like an inspirational message, her books give you what you need, when you need it. Jacqui has a witty sense of humor, which people love. She also, in her spare time, loves gardening, painting, and watching movies with her family.


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