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"I learned so much during the process and I was happy to see the national attention we earned. I was even more excited for people to know about WithMerci. This campaign taught me how important it is to use my platform."  

                                                                                                                  -Whitney Mercilus

Unmasked: Blacks with Disabilities Killed by Police

Whitney Mercilus is the founder of The WithMerci Foundation, which supports families of children with disabilities. During a time of social unrest he wanted to raise awareness about the number of blacks murdered by police and the continuous challenges faced by people with disabilities. 


Houston Texans’ Whitney Mercilus 



Boom set out to develop a social media and PR strategy for Whitney Mercilus  and evaluate ways to create greater brand recognition within the industry.

  • Created the campaign and brought in the partners to help the story come alive. 

  • Managed all social media accounts for Whitney Mercilus and the WithMerci Foundation for the entire 2020 Football season (4 months).

  • Helped design the masks and conducted  all research for the campaign.

  • Booked all media interviews and did media training with the client.

Whitney Mercilus and The WithMerci Foundation received national and local media placement.

  • NFL Network, Good Morning Football, Houston Chronicle, ABC 13, KHOU 11, NBC Houston, FOX 26 and many more. 

  • Over 100,000 social media impressions 

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